Strengths Based Parenting




Would you like to increase your child’s wellbeing and resilience and feel more confident as a parent?  I know I do!


One of my passions is helping parents become more confident and skilled at raising resilient and happy kids. Over the years I’ve helped thousands of adults develop resilience skills but have always felt building resilience skills earlier in life makes much more sense. So, my mission is to give parents the confidence, skills and practical tested tools for building their kids’ resilience by harnessing their strengths!


You will learn how to:


Identify what your child is naturally good at and where they thrive.


Harness your child’s brain power through cultivating positive emotions.


Teach your child a frame of mind that they can use to grow from their successes and setbacks.


Available as personalised coaching for parents/carers, or as three practical workshops delivered on location for your community.


Recommended for parents/carers with children pre-school and primary school aged kids.


Single: $49 per session OR $129 complete series


Couple: $69 per session OR $199 complete series

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