Health & Wellness

in the Workplace



As mental health care professionals, myself and Suellen Peak, have worked for decades helping people recover and thrive after mental illness and trauma, we bring a unique set of skills and practice wisdom to the cultivation of wellbeing and resilience to your workplace.


We fuse the latest wellbeing science from positive psychology with 35 years of clinical experience to bring practical information and simple, tested actions that can help your people thrive.


We offer a range of workshops and training programs that can be tailored to suit your organization, setting, time constraints and budget.



Program Highlights


Managing Stress – Using your strengths to master stress


In today’s fast paced society, it is easy to feel as though we need to achieve twice as much in half the time, and that’s just to keep up! It’s no wonder many people are feeling overwhelmed. This session is designed to assist those who may be feeling as though their “to do” list is so long that getting started is too hard.



Mindset for Peak Performance – reframing challenges and setbacks for growth and performance


Whether we realize it or not, our mind is one of our most underutilized resources. Its influence over our performance, feelings and thoughts is profound. Have you ever thought about the fact that what you perceive is what you project onto the world around you? This workshop is all about challenging your reality and helping you to identify both the limits and possibilities of the human mind.


A Map for Wellbeing


The word ‘wellbeing’ gets thrown around a lot these days. Suggestions abound on what it is, its benefits, how you can create it and keep it.  It can leave you wondering where on earth to start?  In its simplest form, wellbeing is your ability to feel good and function well.  Having the map and tools for wellbeing gives you the resources you need to navigate life’s highs and lows whilst enabling you to consistently perform at your best.