About Ariadne

A Little About My Background


I am a registered Counselling Psychologist and hold a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. I’ve worked with thousands of people as a therapist, coach, workshop facilitator and trainer.


My work has encompassed the education, rehabilitation, disability sectors and 10 years running a thriving clinical practice.  My work has taken me to metropolitan and regional areas of Australia and the UK.

My Journey from

Functioning to Flourishing

In 2013, I had just returned from maternity leave and re-established my successful private practice.  My dream of working for myself, having wonderful friends, a loving partner and children were now my reality.  My life was full and I felt incredibly grateful. But for all that I had to be grateful for, and as much as I loved my work, I had regularly been plagued with thoughts of self-doubt and feelings of anxiety and fatigue. “Was I really good enough? Did I know enough? Do I really have what it takes open the next chapter of my business? What would happen if people were to find out that I didn't have it all together?”


Always keen to continue my professional learning (often grounded in a fear I wasn’t skilled enough yet), I attended a training session on Positive Psychology.  It was transformative both professionally and personally. I had always felt that if I managed to get rid of my insecurities, I would finally reach my potential.  What I learnt that day was life changing - that the absence of insecurities and illness did not equate to the presence of confidence and wellbeing.   I discovered a whole new science, language and set of evidence-based practices which were dedicated to identifying and cultivating what is best within us, so we can function at our best.  I had found my next passion, as well as a genuine roadmap to wellness, which complemented my existing knowledge of pathways to recover from illness.  I began to notice key ingredients of that roadmap that were missing in my life and my clients’ lives, and I started applying what I learned personally and professionally.


Craving more knowledge, in 2013, I embarked on an incredible journey, studying the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at the University of Melbourne, alongside juggling parenthood and running my own business.


I found a new sense of meaning, purpose and direction in my career and my personal life.

I learned to identify my values, harness my strengths, have more confidence in myself and subdue my self-doubt. Finally I was acquiring the tools to truly reach my potential as a person, parent, partner and professional.


As a result, I have launched the next chapter of my career, delivering workshops, coaching and consulting, to teach individuals and organisations how they can operate at their best.  This enables me to achieve my mission of empowering people, like you, to harness their strengths, find their voice and discover what it truly takes to live with confidence and authenticity.

And Finally...

My Qualifications

Bachelor of Arts – Psychology

Monash University


Graduate Diploma Educational Psychology

Monash University


Masters of Applied Positive Psychology

University of Melbourne

My Memberships

AHPRA Registered Psychologist

AHPRA Counselling Psychology Endorsement

AHPRA Supervisor for Generalist and Counselling Area of Endorsement

Australian Psychological Society Member

Australian Psychological Society Counselling College Member

International Positive Psychology Association

Positive Education Schools Association